If you love your existing home and location and have no desire to move, you may decide instead to remodel or renovate. Our approach is one you can trust to maintain the integrity of your home with authentic design and superb craftsmanship; always including your personal tastes and individuality. 

    We have renovated many homes throughout our career, and always look forward to the variety of projects we are privileged to be involved with. Our clients trust us to get everything right including incorporating current design and product trends to integrating the new changes with the existing home, which includes matching materials as closely as possible. Our additions never have an “added on” appearance. You can be sure that we will complete your project the way it should be done, from concept to warranty.

                   We Specialize In:

  • Whole House Renovations and Additions                   
  • Elevation Re-styling 
  • Kitchen and Bath Upgrades and Expansions    
  • Accesability Modifications            
  •  Home Offices and Libraries         
  •  Owner’s Bedroom Suites and Dressing Areas
  •  Historical Renovations 
  •  Media Rooms
  •  Exercise Rooms
  •  Garage Additions
  •  Outdoor Living Areas
  •  Solariums
  •  Roofing
  • Energy Re-styling

EVALUATION  To get started on your project, the first step is to invite us to visit your home to hear your ideas and to evaluate the possibilities. 
DESIGN   Our team of designers has a genuine concern for authenticity, and you will find that their ideas will be in keeping with the ambiance and character of the existing structure. 
PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS  After design approval and selections have been made, a set of complete specifications will be prepared in order to accurately compute the cost. 
FINANCING  We will be happy to make recommendations . 
CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT  When a mutually agreed upon price has been settled, final detailed specifications, construction and payment schedules and allowances for selected products will be submitted. These plans and specifications are as detailed as those for a new home. Our specifications are so detailed that changes within the construction period are unlikely, but if they do occur, we have procedures in place to accommodate.