Building Site Selection Process

       The building site selection is a very important part of the custom home building process. The size of the home you are planning, desired amenities and budget, are the first considerations. How do the location, size and price fit your overall objectives and budget? The site cost is a formulated percentage of the overall building envelope.

      Site costs can escalate the total cost and must be reviewed. For example; sloping lots have many considerations such as the need for engineered retaining walls, including proper drainage. Wooded lots require tree placement evaluation, determination of necessary excavating and soil preparation of the site.Taking no notice of the anticipated cost prior to purchase is a common mistake made by future homeowners. This major oversight often results in the lot being put back on the market for re-sale, which is expensive and time consuming.

     Our team, which includes experts in design, homebuilding, site work and drainage, has been offering complimentary evaluation since the early 80’s. 

What are your preferences?

* Master Planned Community  * Golf Course Lot   *  View Lot   * Lake Lot

*Rural Community * Inner City * High Density 

* Your Preferred School District and  Location

        Our featured Mira Vista building site may be the perfect one for you. It is a very high quality property and has preferred pricing.  If not, we are anxious to help you with the selection that is best suited for the home you plan to build.

Let us help with your selection.  It is the first step of the homebuilding journey and our offer to you is to be the advisor and advocate not only for the journey, but for the life of your home.  The custom homes designed and built by the Fred Parker Company are designed to maximize all of the amenities of your chosen lot.


      Please call us for a complimentary evaluation.  Quality building sites are difficult to find, but we can help