Complimentary client consultations to determine the objective of the project

  • Complimentary assistance in building site selection if a new home is desired
  • Exemplary design and superior construction, trademarks of our company
  • Renovating - Our team of experienced designers and craftsmen can transform your home into your dream with the same "hands on" care as found in new home construction


  • Outstanding design by the Fred Parker Design Group
  • Our designs include all hardscape, landscape and drainage plans
  • Outstanding construction by the Fred Parker Company building team of craftsmen and providers
  • Outstanding staff and award winning management systems


  • Fred Parker and Ron Parker are CAPS (Certified Aging in Place) certified by the National Association of Homebuilders
  • Friendly features for everyday living and aging in place principles that allow our homeowners either to live in their homes if they become physically impaired or to age in their home as long as they desire.  Features that have been included into the design of our homes long before "Aging in Place" are:   

                          *Adequate minimum spaces to enhance the appearance and comfort

                         * Comfortable stairs with proper treads and risers

                         * Wider hallways and doors, eliminating 24" bathroom and closet doors

                         * Lower light switches, elevated wall plugs

                         * Drawers instead of shelves behind doors in kitchen and bath

*These friendly features do not meet all of the features of an accessible home but they do give the home the basis for easy conversion for accessibility.


  • Fred Parker Company new homes and major remodeling projects are built under Energy Star guidelines and are independently tested and graded by Comfort Home.  These same energy efficient systems are offered to be evaluated and recommended for upgrades for  Fred Parker Company homes that are aged and built to the previous standards before the adoption of the 1995 Energy Code.
  • The Energy Star standards will mean lower utility costs


*As a major family investment, your home should be carefully maintained to retain its greatest value. Our philosophy is to be the consultant of the home for the life of the home. This service is offered at homeowner's request either for recommendations or service at an agreed upon price if desired. This is greatly appreciated by our homeowners and is respected throughout the industry.

*We offer an in-house warranty program with our warranty specialists    


Our company is an advocate of continued education and certifications.  In addition to the certifications included on "OUR CREDENTIALS" page, we continue to achieve credible certifications. We are members of the Green Built North Texas, and we are in the process of achieving certification in Green Building. We recommend the most important and the best value upgrades to our homebuilding and remodeling clients.